87348f671a53d602_SexAndRage_coverFINSex & Rage By: Eve Babitz

Introduced to me via Emma Robert’s online book club Belletrist

I’m 50 or so pages in and I am actually into it. It’s a different vibe from typical novels that break the plot into chapters, instead Babitz opts for what I’m calling subject breaks (don’t @ me, I’m a movie girl not a book girl) where she instead highlights where the focus of the next few pages will be taken. Each subject break is like a long lingering look at some person or moment. You really get to marinate in a feeling before it moves on and I like that there is no pressure to prioritize any one character or interaction. I’m intrigued.

The Book even has it’s own playlist curated by Babitz and the Belletrist Babes.







bigsick-kumail-kazan-kissingDunkirk Dir. by Christopher Nolan  (didn’t care for it)

Spider-man: Homecoming Dir. by Jon Watts (fuck yeah)

The Big Sick Dir. by Michael Showalter (ugly crying)

Automic Blonde Dir. by David Leitch (turned on but like…why)



American Horror Story Cult Poster, CLowns

I just am really excited about American Horror Story coming back and Fall in general and about killer clowns having a huge moment this season with AHS: Cult and the IT reboot hitting theaters soon. I mean, I don’t particularly care for clowns but I personally know so many people who are terrified of them that it’s really going to push my enthusiasm for Fall to 11.




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