Here are some of the blogs/podcasts/sites that I find personally valuable, either for news, insights, or laughs.

  • Silver Screen Queens-Podcast.  A duo of ladies, Katie and Mel,  from Australia who review movies in a candid, insightful way. Pros: the accents and the feminist perspectives. Cons: the feminist perspectives sometimes seem to make them overlook great films.
  • The Nerdist-Podcast. Chris Hardwick interviewing random stars from stage and screen. The site actually works as a hub for many podcasts pertaining to pop culture. Pros: Hardwick has a way of bringing out the best in his guests. Cons: sometimes the guests are dry and there is no helping them.
  • Doug Loves Movies– Podcast.  Doug Benson hosts a panel of comedian guests and they play movie themed games in front of a live audience. Pros: The games are hilarious. Cons: The guests aren’t most of the time.
  • Website that features original comics, and hosts the Shapes are Hard Youtube series. Pros: Interacts with the audience on the regular, and is always updated. Cons: so much to see and so little time.
  • More Coming Soon…